Happy Anniversary!


Just over a week ago Jordan and I celebrated our one year anniversary! Can you believe it has been one year already that is crazy. One year filled with the most love i've ever had in my life. One year full of so much joy and laughter! One year to have learned and grown closer to one another and to look forward to the rest of eternity in each others arms.

What is new with Jordan and I? Well Jordan is working hard as a flight instructor teaching many students to become amazing pilots because of course they will learn with the best instruction from Jordan. Jordan is also working on getting his instrument rating and in order to do so gets to fly the the twin engine plane. Exciting but pricy, he is also serving in the young mens guiding them towards there future! That is what is keeping Jordan so busy. As for my self well school has taken over my life I have five classes and still working at firsetone as server three times a week. School has never been so stressful and busy before what I get to do each week.... study, write a paper, study, write another paper, study some more, then do an assignment or two then write yet another paper and of course finish off with some more studying. However as most of you may know me too well there is a lot of procrastination thrown in there too, a little too much of it (like right now) which does not help with the stress of so many tests and papers to prepare for. I do have clinical twice a week which helps me keep the end in site. Being able to actually be in the hospital setting working with patients applying my skills makes the weeks of hard work worth it. So far I have had the opportunity to work on the pediatric unit. I loved working with these sick kids and the nurses there are amazing teachers and kids are so adorable to be around. Now I am on the Labor and Delivery unit this will be my third week there. I have yet to still see a birth so I'm crossing my fingers this is my week! I am a little intimidated to watch a birth I think it will scare me off from having my own children for quite a while! This semester has been the most challenging yet I don't think I could have made it this far  without the support of Jordan! Only a month left to go thank goodness, pray I can make it through my exams! Then it will be CHRISTMAS truly the most wonderful time of year hooray!!

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