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I know I am way over due for a post so be aware that this is going to be a long one I've tried to add lots of pictures so you wont be bored by the end of it. Lots has been going on the last few months!!

At the end of April we moved to Raymond... woot. Its been a big change but lots of fun being close to family and Jodi (my mother in law) has been so generous to us these few months we have loved living with her! School got out finally exams were over and it was just time for the anticipation of waiting to here from U of L to see if all my credits transferred and I was accepted in the nursing program, that was the worst part of the month of april and may! The most exciting part of April was the wedding of miss Katherine Pinsent now to be known as Katherine Persson which is so sounds so crazy when did we ever get old enough to get married!!! Jordan and I were lucky enough to join them on their special day!

The darling new couple

and her darling parents!

 best friends :)

 Then came May...
I was completely jobless for the month of may which was very unfortunate. I was trying to get a job at a nursing home as a health care aid but Alberta Health Services decided to change policies two months before I finished my first year of nursing and not tell me. So when May came around and I went in to see if I officially got the job the nursing home found out they were not aloud to higher me because now to work in a nursing home as a health care aid you have to be in or finished your second year instead of your first. I was a quite upset because now the job hunt had to begin and then lasted much longer then I wanted it to. So for the month of May I had to find a way to keep myself distracted an occupied so I would not go crazy from not working or not hearing from the university and still not knowing If I had gotten into the nursing program. So I made a bag in tribute to my beautiful talented Grandmother who had past away a in march. I went into her attic grabbed some of her scrap material, buttons, thread, and her ancient sewing machine and hoped I could make her proud of what I could do with it all.

The old sewing machine took some fiddling with at times but worked well enough to help me create this awesome real vintage bag from material that is probably at least 40 years old.

My grandma saved everything so I found all sorts of material that match with buttons and all.

Making this has inspired me to start sewing so many things now just have to find the time to do it and decide on what to make so many ideas!! Thanks Grandma for the beautiful bag <3
Other exciting news in may, my Dad bought a gorgeous new harley davidson sportster 1200 ( I'm pretty sure thats what kind of bike it is). Jordan has a bike as well so we've been doing some small road trips with them. It has definitely taken some getting use to seeing my parents all dressed up in their leathers since moving to Alberta i can say they've gone COUNTRY :) 

As for June the best news was receiving my acceptance letter into U of L and finding out I did not lose any of my classes and will be picking up where I left off in september!!! However because the lay out of the programs are different I am short a few classes and will have to fit them into my schedule somehow and will have to do a spring semester for sure but thats okay I am just happy I am not repeating any classes!!!! YA for only three more years of nursing....

Before I knew it it was the end of June and I got a job at Firestone Restaurant and Bar and then Jordan gave me my Birthday surprise early and took me to see WICKED!!!!!!!!! As soon as i herd it was coming to calgary I wanted to go so bad but didn't think it would actually happen but my sneaky thoughtful husband knew better and bought tickets three months ago. So we got all dressed up and drove to calgary! The drive had never felt so long since our air conditioning doesn't work but we didn't discover that until we finally got some warm weather. I know you think well just roll down the windows but I curled my hair and didn't want it to get ruined so Jordan was a good sport and dealt with the boiling temperature of the car for the full 2 and a half hours. You know someone loves you when they are willing to die of heat for you. We stopped for dinner and saw the best play I have seen in a long time! Any who has the opportunity to go see it must! Thanks Jordan! I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband who's makes you feel so special all the time especially on your Birthday!! Best birthday surprise ever!!!! 

  We couldn't take pictures in the theatre so all I have are us dying in the car ride up sorry.

That wasn't all the next day was the first so of course everyone came down for the legendary Raymond Canada Day Parade which is only exciting if your ten and under but at least the kids enjoy themselves. Since all the family was around my mother in law made delicious angel food cake with whip cream and strawberries mmmmmmmm one of my favorites! So I got the wonderful Birthday song with all of my new family around :) Then Jordan gave me another birthday present early that sly dog... he got me a windbreaker,  one I had been asking and looking for for a long time what a sweetheart! Finally on my actual birthday Jordan made me breakfast and took me to Writing-on-Stone where there is a river and a sandy beach and hoodoos to climb in. So we got to climb in the coolest rocks i've ever seen, layout on the beach and swim.... making a perfect day! 

Also in the first weekend of July Jordan and I had decided to do the Raymond road race! Big deal for me since I am not a runner!! nor have i been training enough to be a decent one. Jordan ran the 10k and I ran the 5k with my cousin Candace wooo Candace! Candace and I tied at the finish line coming in at 34 min then only ten minutes later Jordan crossed the finish line at 44 min placing Gold in his age class woooo my husband is awesome!!!! My parents and mother in law were kind enough to get up early and support us in the race thanks for cheering us on! My mom got pictures of us crossing the finish line I will have to get those from them and post them another time. So I am pretty proud of myself for doing a 5k I will have to find a way to enjoy running so I can do the 10k next year maybe even one day keep up with Jordan... maybe. 

Well that is pretty much my summer thus far. Hope everyone else is doing great. I do have to say I miss Ontario summer weather and everyone that is there in it. Port Dover trip anyone?!...

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