Dear Long Lost Loved Ones,


Hmm where do I even begin...

I suppose I started this blog because facebook is not always the greatest at giving details on ones life. Now that Alberta has become a permanent province for me I wanted to make it easier to keep all my loved family and friends updated who are so far away. I have learned over the years distance makes it hard to communicate when we all have busy lives.

As I hope all of you know Jordan and I were married on October 23, 2010 making it the happiest day of our lives. Thank you to all of my family and friends who traveled long distances to support us on that special day! It meant the world to us to see all of you there especially since I am not sure when I will be able to come back to Ontario for a visit. Jordan and I are happily settled into a nice walkout basement suite Life couldn't get any better. However this house and Calgary will no longer be home to us as of May 1st. Jordan was offered a rare opportunity to become an Instructor at his flight school in Lethbridge which is a very good stepping stone to become a pilot with a good airline! So here we go again move number four for me in that past year so hopefully we can finally settle in one spot and make Lethbridge home for at least the next three year until I am done school.

As for school I am currently trying to transfer over to U of L to finish my nursing degree. I am under review so keep your fingers crossed for hopes that all my classes transfer and I can pick up where I leave off in april. It would be a little devistating that all the stress and hard work went to waste. But we have faith it will all work out for us since we know Lethbridge is the place we need to be. However school is going very well it pretty much consumes most of my life as most of are there or have been there before so you understand. I am very excited to have only one month left of my first year of nursing! I cannot believe how many skills I have already learned I almost feel like I could be done school and start work right away. It would be wise to finish though or I might kill a patient. This winter semester I have been able to participate in my first clinical class. I am at Rocky View Hospital once a week for eight hours on a geriatric rehab unit. I initially was not very excited to be working with the elderly but have found it to be very beneficial in practicing my skills. Each of patient have been so kind and shared so many interesting stories with me. I have grown a new respect for elderly they have it a lot harder than we think.   I can tell already working as a nurse will be very interesting and keep me on my toes. The most exciting thing for me was just this past week at clinical I had to opportunity to insert my very first catheter into a real live patient! Pretty dang cool to do such a procedure, I was so excited that i did it right with out hurting the patient after I felt like a surgeon although a catheter is no where close to surgery. But being able to do such things makes it exciting to be a nurse and not just a student stuck in school all day studying.

I am looking forward to the summer and finally seeing all of the ground for the first time since november! It has been a very cold long winter and it has been snowing for the past four days :( Warmth has become something I greatly long for. The summer will be great and I will be continuing be my nursing practice working as a nursing student at a nursing home and hopefully will get another job at the Hospital!

Well that is pretty much everything new in my newly wed life. Miss you all back in Ontario!

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  1. Whoooohooooo!!!! Love that you have a blog. Love that you'll be in Lethbridge (didn't know that yet)! Just love you guys in general!!

  2. Mandy you Are A Beautiful Writer and good luck with all the nursing stuff, :)


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